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Molecular Immunology

We are combining femtosecond spectros-copy and molecular biology to learn how antibodies evolve specificity. Learn more...

energy surface

Modern Optical Spectroscopy

We are developing new spectroscopic techniques for the study of protein dynamics and function. Learn more...

reaction kinetics

Reaction Dynamics

We use stopped-flow mixing and FTIR spectroscopy to elucidate the mechanisms of chemical reactions.  Learn more...

Joerg Zimmermann

Dr. Zimmermann is a native of Germany. He received a doctorate in physics from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, in 2000, followed by postdoctaral training with Graham R. Fleming at UC Berkeley. In 2003, he joined the lab of Floyd Romesberg at The Scripps Research Institute, where he worked on the evolution of molecular recognition in the immune system and the use of infrared probes to study structure-function and dynamics-function relationships in proteins. He will be joining the chemistry faculty of Loyola University in August of 2020.

Open Positions

We have immediate openings for graduate and undergraduate research. If you are interested in joining our lab, please contact Dr. Zimmermann via email. Here are examples of research projects that are available and skills that you will develop when working on them:

The thermodynamics of antibody affinity maturation.

* molecular biology
* protein expression
* protein binding assays

The role of framework mutations in antibody affinity maturation.

* MD simulations
* quantum chemistry
* data science

Directed evolution of specificity in anti-fluorescein antibodies.

* molecular biology
* laser spectroscopy
* data science

Development of a high-throughput screen of antibody specificity using femtosecond laser spectroscopy.

* femtosecond laser spectroscopy

Development of optical probes of protein dynamics.

* peptide chemistry
* optical spectroscopy
* protein binding assays

The role of hyperconjugative interactions in proteins.

* quantum chemistry
* FTIR spectroscopy
* peptide chemistry

Reaction mechanisms of metal-catalyzed C-H bond activation under mild conditions.

* stopped-flow mixing
* FTIR spectroscopy
* organic chemistry



418 Flanner Hall
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